Mahsa Mohiti-Asli
مهسا محیطی اصلی

دختر شایسته ایران ۲۵۸۲

Miss Iran Awards 2023


Miss Iran Awards is hosted by Payam Javan Media, a non-profit 501(C)3 organization
Payam Javan is an independent media outlet based in Northern California.
Our goal is to promote Iranian culture and language among the community of Iranians living in America.
The pageant will provide a platform for young Iranian women to share their stories and to inspire others. The pageant will also raise awareness of the beauty, intelligence, and talent of Iranian women.

The participation

Women’s participation is essential for progress and a fairer world. Empowered women can drive development, innovation, and improve living standards. Their voices must be heard in decision-making and addressing global challenges.

The spirit of team

Team spirit among women creates a supportive environment, leading to increased motivation and productivity. It builds trust and respect, promotes diversity and inclusion, and provides opportunities for mentorship and career advancement.


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The attitude

Having a positive and proactive attitude is crucial for women to overcome challenges, pursue opportunities, and maintain resilience and mental well-being. It enables them to thrive and make a positive impact on their communities.

The spirit of good-companionship

The spirit of good companionship is vital for creating a positive and supportive social environment. It fosters empathy, respect, and kindness, reduces loneliness and isolation, promotes social engagement, and enables collaboration and teamwork towards shared goals.

I must wear the most beautiful, expensive gown in order to win.

Our judges are instructed to score the contestant’s poise and sense of style, not the gown itself. The secret is to feel beautiful with whatever gown choice you make.

I am too old or too young to enter the pageant.

Never at any time are the judges directed to consider age when choosing a winner.

I must be “tall” to win a pageant.

Absolutely not! Each contestant in our pageant is an individual and the judges are looking for body proportion and personality, not a specific body measurement.

Jury committee

Judges of the first round of Miss Iran Awards


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