Awards rules

Who can participate in this Awards?

Saturday, October 21, 2023
Registration Deadline By August 15, 2023

Beauty, personality, poise, talents, Farsi speaking and knowledge are all key factors that determines the final winner.

Each Miss Iran contestant should prepare for several components of the competition. Here are some of the things that each contestant should prepare for:
Interview: Contestants should be prepared to answer questions about their platform, current Awards, and other topics. They should also be prepared to discuss their personal experiences and goals.
Talent: Contestants should prepare a talent performance that is no longer than 90 seconds.
Evening Gown Competition: Contestants should choose an evening gown that is appropriate for the competition and that reflects their personal style.
On-Stage Question: Contestants will be asked a question on stage and will have 20 seconds to respond.
Community Service: Contestants should be prepared to discuss their community service activities and how they have made a difference in their communities.

+ The crown is hers alone to keep and wear throughout her one-year reign before relinquishing the throne to her successor.
+ You will be photographed with your Crown and Sash by professional photographers on your coronation and will be published in “Dokhtare Shayesteh Magazine” and Miss Iran Awards social media.
+ You will have a page on the Miss Iran’s website, including your articles, photos, and videos
+ Your name will be recorded as an Iranian woman of year 2582 – 2023

  • Dress Code
  • Hip, upscale attire or business casual is mandatory
  • ABSOLUTELY no apparel with logos of any kind on the front or back are allowed
  • ABSOLUTELY no sweatshirts/hoodies
  • No hats
  • No flip flops
  • No short shorts, ripped jeans (or any ripped bottoms), or extreme mini skirts… Be modest
  • ​No t-shirt crop tops…
  • ​No extreme crop tops… If there is more stomach showing than shirt it’s a no
  • ​No extreme plunging necklines
  • ​Absolutely no swimsuits

Miss Iran 2582 / 2023 winner will be awarded with grand prize of $10,000